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Addition to search engine AI

improves search results by over 300% at least, and adding new dynamics.  I have not seen or heard of anything like this idea, however not a new idea I am sure but check my approach and design for it.

Multiple idea collaboration

We will be collaborating and working on the best of our inventions out of hundreds, and reviewing thousands more. We support ideas that will change people lives for the better and not just for turnaround profit. We will be supporting others by reviewing, voting on, appraising, licencing, providing business support, and giving free feedback for […]

Game and media design project

It has been my goal for last few years to work on a game/media design I have written. Project is based on putting new ideas into a game design. Theoretical designs, ideas, and visions can be hard to fund, we will be making a product to show them to compensate the authors.  We will be […]

Pre development invention and idea services business

Number of ways to help people pre developed inventions and ideas, support marketing for licensing and funding, give commission based idea appraisals for use in marketing, feedback and direction, etc. Includes ideas for government. Inspiration: people who have lots of ideas but never do anything with them, and to give them direction and help make […]

Book of ideas

Inspiration for invention (theory and methods) Ways to use and support inventors (theory and methods) Alternative Societies and Social Theories Government improvements Security ideas – Addition to search engine AI (see: – Game / media project (see: – Guardian, mentor and life support App (see: – Pre development invention and idea services business (see: – app ideas – Hololens / […]