Book of ideas

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Book of ideas

  • Inspiration for invention (theory and methods)
  • Ways to use and support inventors (theory and methods)
  • Alternative Societies and Social Theories
  • Government improvements
  • Security ideas

– Addition to search engine AI (see:
– Game / media project (see:
– Guardian, mentor and life support App (see:
– Pre development invention and idea services business (see:
– app ideas
– Hololens / VR games
– treasure hunt collaboration
– x co-op platform
– listing systems for x and x
– government and social platforms
– 3d scanning and cameras ai applications
– AI applications
– Dynamic map variation
– launching platform / balloon variation
– shopping comparison engine
– other ideas
– and a lot more and more to come


I have written many thousands of pages of such content, and am looking to merge and finish the content, edit the currents and continue writing new content.

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Project: Book of ideas

Author: Michael van Diermen

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