Pre development invention and idea services business

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Pre development invention and idea services business

Number of ways to help people pre developed inventions and ideas, support marketing for licensing and funding, give commission based idea appraisals for use in marketing, feedback and direction, etc.

Includes ideas for government.

Inspiration: people who have lots of ideas but never do anything with them, and to give them direction and help make their lives successful. Supporting people to develop and fund ideas, etc.

I started a small part of it at but early unfinished draft stage, however have built a start of a working listing system that is very easy to re design. there are things I need to add and change and missing information but will work on it later.

I have heaps of ideas for this type of service and hope to work on it in the future.

It is not hard for me to populate the website with heaps of new ideas from people and will do so soon after some updates.


We will be collaborating and working on the best inventions out of hundreds, and reviewing thousands more.
We support ideas that will change people lives for the better and not just for turnaround profit.
We will be supporting others by reviewing, voting on, appraising, licencing, providing business support, and giving free feedback for ideas of others.  Including competitions for new design of inventions and ideas.

Funding, Licencing, Sale, Project Management, Collaborators, Investment / Crowdfunding Management, Investment / Crowdfunding Support

Funding to complete idea technical specifications


Funding usable demo/prototype (includes above)


Funding complete project (minimum) (ready to ship) (includes above)


Funding complete project (optimal) (includes above)


I am offering

49,000 shares are for sale (of 100,000 shares) @$1 each (or negotiated otherwise). Money from sale will go directly into project development only.
For pledges over $500 you will also get premium service options for your invention/ideas (optional).

Project duration

12 months

Idea source

Users original, Copied idea

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Project: Pre development invention and idea services business

Author: Michael van Diermen

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