Game and media design project

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Game and media design project

It has been my goal for last few years to work on a game/media design I have written. Project is based on putting new ideas into a game design. Theoretical designs, ideas, and visions can be hard to fund, we will be making a product to show them to compensate the authors.  We will be voting on the the best new ideas, plot and design.

Founders vision:
The game has lots of chapters and ideas which will be collaborated on for story line and final design decisions.  Some of the primary ideas are:
– inspiration for invention and using your mind (see inspiration for invention, base ideas, etc)
– futuristic, sci-fi, creative ideas put into game (see Collaboration on ideas for game, using some of my ideas for missing, including, lab scan, time tree, lumia tick box, etc)
– visions, story, and ideas that make people feel like they have something to life for (see Collaboration on ideas for game & music for game)
– alongside a story and visions of a fragile finite life, a new world problems, misery and your mission to save yourself and the world . includes a new social system that gives options and advice that helps you achieve what you want in life


Original theme includes RPG with invention organization base, who teaches you things and gets you to solve problems!, once you accomplish a number of goals you meet the alien and their devices.  Documentaries for science,technology,&humanities, life, science fiction ideas, and lots of ideas. inspiration and methods to help people harness and use their imagination for invention and ideas, . unique design ideas, challenges, stories, and theme . Largely a collaboration competition and voting based design.


Old Table of contents
Document includes inventions:


This type of design is a way to compile ideas for ideas and science fiction with free thinking without doing technical specifications or thinking about them for too long or too seriously. Like category based journal of ideas over time Stared with 3d scan game design ideas in 2013.


Contains a way to use peoples potential and make peoples life better though an app and new system (at least when life is not working for them and their is no hope in sight).

In the future Plan2 Combine takes these things seriously. When notified it gives people a path to happiness, and it uses the psychology and possibility of mankind to give them an optimal life free from problems witnessed in the past. It understands all problems from the past and whats good for us. it knows when we are not wise and educates us shows us the truth, helps you see your problem .

The invention organization compiled and organized every good idea for human life and created a new way of life, ones who saw it were selected to design it.

“method > humans” is what to think about when making a better society

includes 40 pages or options for a Guardian, mentor and life support App and new government.


Take life and existence seriously and be the best you can be.


See collaborators at F6S

Funding, Licencing, Sale, Project Management, Collaborators, Investment / Crowdfunding Management, Investment / Crowdfunding Support

Funding to complete idea technical specifications


Funding usable demo/prototype (includes above)


Funding complete project (minimum) (ready to ship) (includes above)


Funding complete project (optimal) (includes above)


I am offering

40,000 shares are for sale (of 100,000 shares) @$2 each (or negotiated otherwise). Money from sale will go directly into project development only.
For collaboration, please contact me.

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Project: Game and media design project

Author: Michael van Diermen

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