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Private project

Create a private google doc and share with  Alternatively create a public listing, and we will provide a list of people who can review it under non-disclosure agreement.

Using google docs you can update the project as you have new ideas and we can collaborate, appraise and comment on your project within project details.

All people who see google docs submissions originally submitted to are have signed our Nondisclosure Agreement.


Example document:

First page declaimer:

Confidential Information
This is private information to be viewed under NDA agreement.  If you you are authorized to see this document please contact us, close it and delete any copy of it.


I authorize Built on Ideas to share this document with,





You may also create a public listing, or add these details to your private document :

(all are optional)

Public Tile

Public Description

Private Tile

Private Description


What you offer can be: Percentage if there is any profit, Percentage of the company, Part owner of the idea/product, The product it self, Just a great experience and make new friends, Anything else that will motivate people to join

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